Shrooms and LSD

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  • Shroom Tea Sage Tea Tropical Ginger

    Microdose shrooms with Sage Teas

    • 2 grams of shrooms in the whole package
    • 4 teabags, 500 mg each
    • Tea flavour is Tropical Ginger

    Follow instructions on the back of the package or your own method for best results

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    Psilocybe Cubensis is like the rockstar of the magic mushroom world. It’s one of the most widely known and easily cultivated strains, making it a favorite among both newbie and veteran psychonauts. These shrooms are recognized by their large, golden caps and thick stems. They’re not just famous for their looks, though. Psilocybe Cubensis is known for its moderate to high psilocybin content, which means they can take you on a pretty intense trip.

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    Gold Member is a visually striking hybrid magic mushroom, born from the legendary Golden Teacher and Penis Envy strains, known for its golden-brown caps and thick, white stems. It offers a range of psychedelic experiences, from subtle mood enhancements at microdoses to profound introspective journeys at higher doses. Ideal for experienced psychonauts, it promises deep connections and transformative experiences, especially at high and mega doses. Gold Member combines visual allure with intense psychedelic effects, making it a unique and sought-after strain in the world of shrooms.

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    King Kong magic mushrooms are a large and impressive strain of Psilocybe cubensis, known for their massive size and quick growth. They offer an average potency, ideal for a spiritual and meditative experience, especially when taken in nature. With thick, mostly white stems and rich medium brown caps, they are not only visually striking but also have a more pleasant earthy and woody aroma and flavour compared to other strains. The King Kong experience is about a six-hour journey of mood enhancement, visual hallucinations, and profound, meditative connection with the world, making it a unique and sought-after strain for those seeking a deeper psychedelic experience. 🍄