THC Mint Spray – 200mg

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Experience a minty fresh twist on cannabis indulgence with Astro’s 200mg THC Mint Spray. This discreet and portable spray delivers precise doses of high-quality THC, providing a controlled and customizable experience. Crafted for both convenience and sophistication, this mint spray ensures a clean and potent cannabis encounter, free from additives. Elevate your moments with the perfect blend of flavor and therapeutic delight in every pocket-sized spray.

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Elevate your cannabis experience with Astro THC Mint Spray – a refreshing and discreet way to indulge in the finest THC-infused goodness. Crafted with precision and innovation, this spray offers a convenient and customizable method for enjoying the benefits of THC in a cool, minty burst of flavor.

Astro Mint THC Spray is a game-changer, combining the potency of high-quality THC extract with the invigorating essence of mint. Each spray delivers a controlled and consistent dose, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences. Perfect for both novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, it provides a subtle and enjoyable way to savor the therapeutic effects of THC.

Convenience meets sophistication with Astro Mint THC Spray’s compact and travel-friendly design. Slip it into your pocket or purse, and discreetly enjoy a burst of minty freshness infused with the powerful effects of THC wherever you go. The precision spray mechanism ensures accurate dosing, giving you the confidence to explore and find your perfect balance.

Crafted with the highest standards in mind, Astro Mint THC Spray is free from additives and impurities, promising a clean and enjoyable experience with every use. From relaxation to creative inspiration, let Astro Mint THC Spray be your passport to a world of cannabis delights.


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THC Mint Spray - 200mg

$19.20 $24.00

1 in stock