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Animal Face is this wicked sativa-leaning blend of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. The buds are this dope mix of deep greens with a sprinkle of purple, all glittering in trichomes. When you get a hit of its scent, it’s this zesty citrus punch with a touch of forest freshness. If you’re aiming to amp up and groove, Animal Face is your jam!

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The #1 Ultimate Guide to the Animal Face Strain

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiast! If you’re looking to dive deep into Canada’s thriving cannabis scene, then you oughta get acquainted with Animal Face.

Lineage and Effects: Truly Canadian

Hailing from a blend of Face Off OG and Animal Mints genetics, Animal Face is as Canadian as a plate of poutine after a hockey game. This mostly sativa hybrid has made waves coast to coast, notable for its one-of-a-kind genetics and memorable impact. Let’s delve deeper into what awaits.

The Onset: Energetic Buzz

From the get-go, a lot of folks mention an invigorating rush of energy. This immediate charge is classic of its sativa lineage. It’s vibrant, zesty, and feels like the jolt you get when your team scores the winning goal.

The Body High: Gentle Elevation

After the energetic start, Animal Face ushers in a gentler body elevation. There’s a soft, airy feel that complements the buzzing head-high. It’s not sedative but rather a light, buoyant sensation perfect for a chill hangout or a walk in the park.

Mental Effects: Crystal Clear Creativity

While Animal Face perks up the body, it sharpens the mind too. A clear-headed creativity often ensues, making it a go-to for brainstorming sessions, art projects, or just vibing to some tunes.

Duration: Prolonged Euphoria

The vivacity of Animal Face sticks around. Many enjoy a long-lasting period of elation and inspiration. As things wind down, there’s a gentle return to baseline without a heavy crash.

Potential Side Effects: Be in the Know

Every strain has its quirks, and Animal Face is no exception. The usual suspects, dry mouth and eyes, often pop up – a sip of water or eye drops should sort you out. Some might feel a tad too buzzed or slightly restless, especially if new to the strain or if indulging a bit much. Always a good idea to start small and adjust as needed.

What does Animal Face look like?

Appearance: A Visual Treat

This ain’t just another bud, oh no. Animal Face is iconic, thanks to its striking aesthetics and memorable effects.

  • Colour Palette: First impressions are of deep greens contrasted with occasional patches of pale purple and vibrant orange pistils crisscrossing the bud.
  • Trichomes: Animal Face is generously adorned with trichomes. These sparkly, dew-like structures give it a glistening appearance, hinting at its potent punch.
  • Bud Structure: The nugs tend to be fluffy yet structured, with a slightly sticky feel when pulled apart, revealing a tantalizing, resin-soaked core.

Terpene Profile: An Aromatic Adventure

Terpenes in Animal Face paint a fragrant picture.

  • Limonene: Dominant here, limonene brings forward a citrusy zest, lifting the mood and potentially combatting stress.
  • Caryophyllene: This terp introduces a spicy kick, possibly aiding in relaxation and pain relief.
  • Myrcene: This one leans into the herbal, earthy notes, which may contribute to the strain’s calming attributes.
  • Pinene: Often detected, pinene offers a fresh forest scent and may promote alertness and memory retention.

Animal Face, with its shimmering trichome coat and a rich spectrum of scents, is an experience to cherish. Each drag introduces a layered flavour profile from tangy to earthy. Dive deep, savour each nuance, and enjoy the Canadian green rollercoaster.

Growing Insights: A Cultivator’s Dream

Bearing Face Off OG and Animal Mints genetics, Animal Face is a joy for growers, thanks to its adaptability to our Canadian climates. This spirited strain loves a good dose of sunlight; outdoors, it revels in sunny spots, while indoors, robust LED or HPS setups do wonders. Regular watering and a nutrient-dense, airy soil set it on its growth journey. As she grows, a touch of balanced N-P-K fertilizer enhances vitality. Techniques like Low-Stress Training or the Screen of Green can push yields higher. Stay sharp for pests and consider organic measures for protection. After about 9-10 weeks of flowering or by early October outdoors, growers can celebrate as they gather Animal Face’s vibrant and aromatic buds.

To the passionate cultivator, raising Animal Face is a rewarding journey. With a keen eye, patience, and that quintessential Canadian spirit, you’re cultivating more than just a plant – you’re crafting a masterpiece. As those trichomes glow with ripe potency and the fragrance intensifies, the promise of premium buds beckons. Dive into the growing process, and soon, you’ll revel in the masterpiece birthed from Canada’s lush cannabis culture. 🍁🌱

Animal Face: Canada’s Green Gem

Wrapping up, Animal Face isn’t just a cannabis strain; it’s a nod to the burgeoning cannabis artistry in Canada. From its vibrant aroma to the energetic vibes it brings, it’s clear why this strain has found its way into many Canadian stashes.

Next time the mood for a lively cannabis adventure strikes, consider Animal Face. And always toke responsibly, eh! 🍁🚀

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Animal Face

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