THC Caps – 20mg

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Experience the enchantment of our 20mg THC Capsules, where full spectrum cannabis oil and coconut-infused MCT oil team up for a cosmic journey at different dosages. This sophisticated and discreet method ensures a precise and controlled path to euphoria or relaxation, offering cannabis benefits without the traditional fuss.

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These 20mg THC Capsules contain only two ingredients: full spectrum cannabis oil and coconut-derived MCT oil. These oils work together to create effects at various dosage levels. The cannabis oil in the capsule is responsible for inducing euphoria or a relaxed sensation, while MCT oil acts as a carrier, enhancing the absorption of cannabinoids by your body.

In essence, THC capsules offer a sophisticated and discreet alternative for individuals seeking the benefits of cannabis without the external indicators commonly associated with traditional methods of consumption.

THC capsules provide a precise and controlled dosing method.


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THC Caps - 20mg

$1.60 $2.00

37 in stock