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Cinderella 99 is a remarkable sativa-dominant hybrid whose origins are rooted in the fusion of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. The buds present a mesmerizing dance of lush greens intermingled with hints of golden radiance, all bathed under a glittering layer of trichomes. Inhale its scent, and you’ll be enchanted by a captivating blend of tropical fruitiness accented by whispers of earthy undertones. For aficionados yearning for a euphoric and imaginative escape, Cinderella 99 reigns supreme in its royal court.

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The #1 Ultimate Guide to the Cinderella 99 Strain

Hey there, fellow cannabis aficionado! If you’re charting the vast landscape of Canadian cannabis, it’s high time you waltz with Cinderella 99.

Lineage and Effects: Fairytale Beginnings

Derived from the enchanting mix of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk, Cinderella 99 is as Canadian as the sound of loons on a still lake. This spellbinding sativa-dominant strain dances from Vancouver to Montreal, revered for its storybook lineage and whimsical effects. Let’s embark on this magical journey.

The Onset: Energetic Enchantment

From the very first puff, most are swept away by a rush of euphoric energy. This lively introduction, true to its sativa legacy, feels like the first glimpse of a cascading waterfall – exhilarating and mesmerizing.

The Body High: Light as Air

Subsequent to the spirited beginning, Cinderella 99 graces you with a gentle, airy body sensation. Imagine floating on clouds or the soft touch of dappled sunlight; it’s just ethereal.

Mental Effects: Imagination Ignited

With Cinderella 99, the mind soars to enchanted castles in the sky. Ideal for storytellers, artists, and daydreamers longing to unlock their fairy tale creativity.

Duration: Timeless Elation

The magic of Cinderella 99 endures. Devotees treasure its extended hours of joy and inspiration. And when it’s time to descend, it’s a gentle glide back to the hearth.

Potential Side Effects: A Cautionary Tale

As with every potion or elixir, Cinderella 99 has its quirks. A case of the dry mouth might occur – easily remedied with a refreshing elixir or water. Those new to this royal blend, or those who indulge too generously, might feel a bit too spirited. Pro tip: Start with a modest amount and let the magic unfold.

What does Cinderella 99 look like?

Appearance: Enchanted Elegance

This isn’t your average mystical herb. Cinderella 99 is the Aphrodite of cannabis.

  • Colour Palette: A vision in shades of emerald green and twinkling gold, with occasional streaks of royal purple caressing the bud.
  • Trichomes: Cinderella 99 dazzles with a thick frost of trichomes, gleaming like the first frost on a winter morning, signaling its potent aura.
  • Bud Structure: These nuggets, while compact, offer a dreamy, resin-filled embrace when torn.

Terpene Profile: A Symphony of the Senses

Cinderella 99’s terpenes sing a ballad as timeless as the northern winds.

  • Pinene: Leading the ensemble, pinene evokes memories of endless pine forests.
  • Myrcene: Introducing a touch of tropical allure, it soothes and calms the senses.
  • Caryophyllene: Spicy whispers, beckoning for adventure, add intrigue to the journey.
  • Linalool: Often in the mix, linalool offers a floral serenade, further enchanting the experience.

With its trichome sparkle and a medley of fragrances, from piney to tropical, Cinderella 99 is a sensory spell. Each toke is a step into wonder, a dance of flavors that enchant and delight. Delve deep, savor the magic, and relish the quintessential Canadian cannabis odyssey.

Growing Insights: Cultivating Dreams

Carrying the genes of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk, Cinderella 99 promises a grower’s fairytale, especially with its resilience to Canadian tales of frost and sun. She flourishes best under the royal sun’s gaze, and indoors, a powerful LED or HPS lamp serves her well. Nourishing hydration and fertile, airy soil guide her growth. As she matures, a balanced N-P-K potion nurtures her essence. Techniques like Pruning or the Sea of Green can enhance her bounty. However, keep a watchful eye for pests, using nature’s guardians as protectors. After a 7-8 week ball or by early October if outdoors, it’s the grand harvest of Cinderella 99’s bewitching buds.

For the passionate botanist, raising Cinderella 99 is a blend of craft and enchantment. Dedication, tenderness, and a sprinkle of Canadian magic ensures not just a harvest but a work of art. As the trichomes shimmer and the aroma deepens, ethereal buds beckon. Engage in the cultivation dance, and soon, the treasures of your labor will shine, right from the heart of Canada’s mystical forests. 🍁🌱

Cinderella 99: Canada’s Enchanted Emblem

In conclusion, Cinderella 99 is not merely a strain; it’s a reflection of Canadian cannabis alchemy. Its fusion of tastes and the dreamlike aura it imparts has crowned it a star in numerous Canadian collections.

Whenever your heart desires a touch of Canadian cannabis enchantment, Cinderella 99 awaits at the castle gates. And as the tale goes, always toke responsibly, eh!

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Cinderella 99

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