Atomic Minis THC Gummies – 1200mg


These High Dose THC Gummies from Atomic Wheelchair are so great! These are the “Minis” version. Instead of one single piece, the monster dose is split among 4 pieces at 300mg THC each. These prices absolutely slay the white market, where edibles of this calibre, dose and price are just not available. Get your hands on a 1200mg THC Gummy and send it!


Meet Minis! Atomic’s irresistibly fun and mouth-watering high-dose cannabis gummies—small in size, but not in potency. Each 1200 mg package contains 4 x 300 mg Minis in Black Cherry, Grape, or Peach-Mango. Crafted with organic sugar and tapioca syrup, these gelatin chews feature natural flavors and colors. Warning: these are extremely potent and not for novice users. Infused with a concentrated dose of full-spectrum cannabis oil, Atomic’s obsessions for consistency, potency, and effectiveness guarantee reliable effects. Factors like body mass, fitness level, and individual body chemistry influence tolerance, with 100mg recommended as a starting point for experienced users. Enjoy responsibly!

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Peach Mango, Grape, Black Cherry


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Atomic Minis THC Gummies - 1200mg

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