Indica Moonrock Joints

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High quality BC Bud rolled with delta 9 THC distillate, BHO shatter globs and topped with kief! This will get you VERY stoned – go get your smoke on!

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Grass Fed – Indica Moonrock Joints

Your favourite pre-roll supplier now has moonrocks! Same unbelievable quality, new moonrock joints from Grass Fed!  High quality BC Bud rolled in delta 9 THC distillate, BHO shatter globs and dusted with Tangerine Kief! This will get you VERY stoned – go get your smoke on!

Vancouver Based Company

Proudly crafted by this Vancouver-based company, they are committed to providing nothing but the highest quality strains, ensuring an unparalleled smoking experience that will leave you craving for more.

These Pre-Rolled Moonrock Joints are the pinnacle of perfection, meticulously handcrafted to guarantee a consistent and potent encounter with every toke. They take pride in selecting the finest indica strains, each one carefully cultivated and nurtured to perfection. This unique blend of strains offers a harmonious balance of effects, blending the best of both worlds to deliver an uplifting euphoria and a soothing relaxation like no other.

To complete the Moonrock magic, these joints are delicately rolled in a generous layer of kief, collected from the trichomes of our premium cannabis strains. This finishing touch adds an extra burst of flavor and ensures an even burn from start to finish.

With Grass Fed Indica Moonrocks, convenience and excellence are perfectly balanced. Our Pre-Rolled Moonrock Joints are expertly crafted, guaranteeing a smooth and satisfying smoke that takes you on a journey through the cosmos.

Join us on a celestial adventure and elevate your cannabis enjoyment with Grass Fed – Indica Moonrock Joints. Embrace the unparalleled quality of our Vancouver-based company, and let our Moonrock Joints redefine your cannabis experience. Unleash your inner explorer and savour the extraordinary with each inhale. Grass Fed welcomes you to a new realm of cannabis bliss.


Grass Fed


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Indica Moonrock Joints

Indica Moonrock Joints


Out of stock